How To Write a Unit Study/Project
– with Sharon Drinnan

Sharon is here to give helpful advice and tips on how to create captivating unit/projects for your children.

Hey, Mum! I’m Home!
– with Janice Wills

Join Janice as she gives insight into raising real men and women in today’s world.

When things get tough
– with  Jane Hennessey
Come and hear Jane as shares lessons learned when things get tough.

Capture Your Children’s Hearts for God
  – with Rosie Boom
Practical advice on how to have joyful and life-changing family devotions.

Be Calm
– Andrea Darroch & Valerie Rob
Learn to be calm in the chaos of special needs.

Single Mum’s Homeschooling
Rachel Anderson
Rachel gives insight into homeschooling and doing life as a Single Mum.

Home Educators Annual Retreat