Rosie Boom

Our Homeschooling Journey of Restoration
The ebb and flow of our enthusiasm. The waxing and waning of our confidence. Buoyed by success, cast down by failure. Times of 20/20 vision, and times of dense fog when we‘ve lost our way. The optimism, the dread. Energy and lethargy. The passion, the disinterest. On a journey of a thousand miles, we’ve experienced it all. But He is our ever-present God, the One who can restore our dreams, our lost confidence, our wayward child, our soul.

Ashley White

Secrets from a Former Teacher: Classroom Concepts for Kitchen Tables
The classroom secrets are out … and they are simple! Morning Message, Fun with Food, Station Rotations and so much more are easy ways to bring the professional take on learning into your home. Ashley White, a former teacher turned homeschool Mum, can’t wait to pass on all the tricks of the trade. Not all homeschool parents have a degree in education, but they all have the heart of a teacher!

Janice Wills

Restoring our Home-school Vision
The Home-School Journey is not a quick jog around the block, and we so often lose our way because we forget who we are, what we’re doing and why. But God is in the restoration business and He is always interested in us and ready to do so much more than we could ever have imagined.