Money Matters
– with Janice Wills

And learning to manage it well is important. If we start young, our children can develop skills, habits and goals that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives so that they can honour God, bless their families and give generously.

So What Exactly Should Graduating from Home-schooling Look Like?
– with Rosie Boom

A destination point is always essential on a journey. The big question is: What do we want our children to graduate from homeschooling with? Graduation will look different for each child. We need to be working towards our destination with enthusiasm and commitment.

Children Who Find Learning A Challenge
– Dorinda Duthie: Saturday morning
At this workshop we will be discussing ideas and resources for teaching children who find learning difficult. We will be talking about Homeschooling as an effective way of providing individual attention for children who do not fit it into nice, neat categories. This workshop will also provide an opportunity to meet with other mothers who experience the day to day realities of living with children who find learning a challenge

Maths  Dorinda Duthie: Sunday morning
This will be a practical, hands-on workshop to learn about choosing resources and maths equipment and how to use them effectively. The ideas will be applicable to any maths programme. The information will be suitable for use with children aged 5-10 years or older children who are having difficulty with maths.

Dorinda has homeschooled her son who is now an adult. She is a NZ qualified primary school teacher, has done the training to be a SPELD tutor and currently works from home teaching remedial reading and maths.

 Discover Truth for yourself! (SATURDAY ONLY)
– Barbara Kipfer
This is easy for you and your children to learn! And it’s VERY rewarding!

Flexible New Qualification Framework for Christian Homeschoolers
– Todd Roughton
Home Schooling NZ has been serving the Christian homeschooling community in New Zealand for the past 33 years. Until recently, they were utilising the A.C.E. Certificate framework to enable students to gain recognised qualifications. In July of last year, HSNZ’s overseeing body (the Christian Education Foundation Trust – CENZ) applied to Universities New Zealand -Te Pōkai Tara for recognition of their own university-entrance qualification, in order to free families from undue A.C.E. control. This qualification has recently been approved, giving Christian homeschooling families the opportunity to now tailor qualifications at any level to meet each student’s specific wishes and requirements, including courses from whichever curriculum and whichever supplier(s) they wish.

The current Principal of HSNZ, Todd Roughton, will share about the background to this new possibility, explain the options now available, and answer any questions in relation to it.

We believe in Missions – Saturday Afternoon
Hear from some ladies who are passionate about missions and the positive impact they can have on our children’s lives.