New Topic Ideas

Missional Motherhood – being a family who are intentional in discipling our children and others. Looking beyond our ‘family’ to find people who the Lord is preparing to enter His Kingdom.

How you balance getting refreshing time for you as a Mum, while also ministering to your family.

Some mums might be helped by a session on options for high school. It could perhaps be co-taught by some women who had chosen different paths for their children. Some options that could be covered could be NCEA, Cambridge, ACE, no qualification. Could be called De-mystifying the High School years. I’d be happy to help with that, having 3 children who have done Cambridge and one who has done NCEA.

Teen boys who are complacent in their school work and really can’t be bothered. Or maybe I’m the only one with a child like that.

Maybe something about the importance of play in relation to development and learning. Perhaps some ideas to motivate kids to get involved in REAL play (outdoors/problem solving/dirty/creative…) when the would prefer to have screen time.

Always curious as to how or if other folk balance their day with teaching or unschooling, and house stuff/jobs life etc. So a time management topic.

How to motivate unwilling teens…
How to deal with teens gone wild!

Perhaps different learning styles for children i.e. right brain and left brain dominant and what works for different types.

I’m a mum of four boys 2,4,7,9 I’d love to hear more on teaching boys and multi levels.

Maybe a workshop on sibling rivalry or “how to get kids to like each other”! haha.
Or maybe a “transition from school to homeschool” workshop from someone experienced and well down the track who can tell us that it’s all worth it in the end.

How to homeschool when you’re on a different schedule to the rest of the world. My hubby works irregular days and so we work around his schedule. But I find it challenging as we have other commitments like church and HS group, so school sometimes takes a back burner and then the kids struggle to get back into it.

I think it might also be good to have group time outside of workshop time where people can discuss the challenges they are facing – i.e a group for families with young babies, one for families with teens and tots, one for children that struggle to focus and concentrate. Just so we can share our ideas and struggles and maybe have a time to pray together.

A workshop I would be interested in is Service. One thing Rosie said on another Retreat was that we train our children to be in God’s service but we rarely give them opportunities to do it. It leaves them feeling hypocritical and incomplete. What can service look like? Two friends I have run Mainly Music with their homeschooling children. What experiences do others have here?

Another workshop I’d be interested in is Worldviews and how to see them in the books we read, the movies we watch, the attitudes of society. How do we guard against being sucked in…

Another workshop (which you probably have done) which I need to know about is finishing school and moving on to tertiary education and jobs. It’s lovely to have your children at home but at some point they have to be ready to move on and some experience with that would be helpful. What kind of qualification do our students leave with. I do ACE now for my older children but what if it doesn’t work for some of them. What are some other options?

Maybe a talk along the theme of “how to integrate your child into school?” I feel that sometimes the time comes when that is the best thing and because of guilt, and sorts of other reasons many homeschoolers put off what they maybe should have done earlier. I have seen many ‘home-schooling casualties’ I think sometimes mum’s also need to be encouraged to do the ‘unthinkable’ and that it is ‘okay’.

Of course – we do want to persevere and not just quit either, not saying that. But there can come a time when for various reasons it is just not working and is not healthy for the family.

I have seen many families that have made that hard choice and it was truly the best thing.

Perhaps a session where people who are having problems with kids or something to do with curriculum etc., where they could talk one on one with someone who has more experience.

Cooking ideas could be good. Someone doing demo or fast easy meal ideas

I would to have a synopsis of how others homeschool. Maybe a panel of Mothers describing what their homeschooling looks like. Or individual dislays of the above.

Homeschooling foster children etc.
Homeschooling as a single parent.
Overseas adoption etc. Maybe prayer and support for the hurting women who feel hopeless re adoption, in the NZ context?

Creative ideas for involving DADS and others in the HOMESCHOOLING adventure more.

I think you have to be careful that you keep the balance of ’emotional’ and ‘spiritual’ issues, with practical instruction in workshops. Too much touchy feely stuff and not enough practical help is not helpful. You can go to any women’s conference and get that. But for many of the homeschool mums who come to HEART this may be the only conference they come to and may be the only chance they get to ask, seek, and learn new skills to help in their homeschool journey.

Yes 🙂 Though they aren’t strictly related to homeschooling I guess…

Something that is really on my heart is teaching our kids to love their bodies. I remember being little (like 6 or something) and feeling fat and unattractive! I feel it is so important to firstly love our own bodies, and then to pass on that gift to our children. Both boys and girls, but particularly girls. It is something I am so passionate about! I haven’t spoken about it before but would be happy to.

The other thing I have a heart for is for women to have a healthy and biblical perspective on sex – which was mentioned with the book study. But in many conversations I’ve had with women they are quite happy and content for sex to be a once in a while thing – maybe only a couple of times a month or even once a month! I feel like there is a real lack of understanding of how the man operates and the importance of loving him this way – unfortunately the feministic view of ‘it’s my body’ has crossed over into this realm and often men are thought of as shallow for having this need. If a man has a complaint about not having enough sex often it is met with disdain, but in affect it would be the same as a woman having a complaint that her husband never talks to her… I used to be quite bitter towards men for having what I thought was a very shallow and fleshly desire. So before I got married I did some homework and read a bunch of sex books that were directed towards men. What I learnt was amazing and totally changed everything. I have been married for 7 years and am still learning but I feel sad when I think of these men who are being neglected in this way. So it’s really nothing to do with homeschooling, but it does have something to do with a healthy home! Anyways I would totally understand if this was something that doesn’t show up on the schedule! 🙂

Also one other thing is something you probably heard a few of us talking about (don’t know who is reading these so if it’s Sue then definitely) is Trim Healthy Mama. It’s worth a mention! I have been doing it for 6 months and my kids have definitely benefited from it – my moods have stabilised and I have so much more energy! Rachel Jeffery would be a really good one to talk about this if you wanted to.

Single child and single parent homeschooling!
I am in a small minority and although God is my husband, after the fleshly one walked out, some of the family, husband stuff did get a bit overwhelming at times. Not a reflection on HEART at all as we should be schooling our children in whole families with two parents!

One of the issues that a lot of homeschoolers I talk to seem to struggle with is fear. What if my kids do this…? What if they don’t get a good enough education…? How can I protect them from ….? Because we can get so insular, I think the enemy can really use fear to discourage us. Maybe a workshop addressing that?

the panel of homeschool girls was fantastic. would like to hear the boy perspectives though!

Teaching boys.

I have a couple of ideas for messages:
1. “Keeping the ‘main thing’ the main thing” … i.e. how to make the highest priority of training character in our children (addressing their hearts in light of God’s unchanging truth, etc.), knowing that our children’s greatest need is Christ.
2. “How to Know if I’m ‘Doing Enough'”… because as much as we want to disciple our kids, we still want to be faithful to equip them to pursue whatever career or studies they’d like to pursue… and do what we assured the Ministry of Education we’d do in ‘teaching them as regularly and as well as school’. I have struggled with the questions: “am I doing enough?” or “am I making my kids do TOO much?” and I’ve spoken to other mums who’ve felt the same way… so it might be a helpful topic to address.

Managing to teach boys and girls (and different learning styles) at the same time in the same classtoom–especially when they learn differently from you!

Homeschooling children with special needs and spectrum disorders.
More mothers testimonies of challenges and successes with homeschooling, maybe just 5 min slots?

1) How to raise our young men to be Home Schooled to the finish of their education. My own 14 year old son is going really well, but I see so many families who give up near the end, because their sons become too “challenging” or “difficult”, or the parents feel their son (and daughters) are “missing out”. i.e. a speaker who can bring encouragement and practical ideas, to help parents “finish the race”.

2) I’ve seen a book about raising sons to be one income providers (I haven’t read it though). I’d like a speaker who could address this topic and bring practical ideas of how to stretch the budget, along with introducing the whole idea of how we need to move against the tide of two parent incomes. As Christian Home Schooling parents we are already radically different, because we have chosen not to put our little ones into Daycare/preschool (I put my children into Kindergarten back then 😦 ) or our children into school, but NZ society is very strongly pushing for all our children “leave home”, from 3 to 18. It would be good to have some practical ideas, so people don’t feel there is no choice except to have a working mother. This could be opened up to a discussion of how different families have met this challenge.

someone spoke to me about how we sometimes never hear of a follow up of some of the speakers. She wanted to hear how my childen were going, and I want to hear how things go for Sharlene and her baby, her troublesome teen and her cancer. We keep up to date with people like Rose who speaks each time.

Maybe a talk directed to mums with boys mums with girls about dating, and friendships what is appropriate , helpful tips.

Maybe a talk on technology and homeschooling such as computers in general,typing, internet safety etc. and maybe physical education and nutrition such as some ideas for quick nutritious meals and snacks whilst homeschooling and budget friendly for large families.