Great New Ideas

So many ladies have such great stories. Not sure how but it might be fun to highlight more of these like former missionaries and women who have experienced God’s faithfulness in wonderful ways. A lot of this comes out during meals, etc but perhaps a way to make it more purposeful? Not sure how/when. Perhaps interview one per meeting? Short but sweet.

Maybe nutrition/foodie/ homesteading related stuff? I follow Wellness Mama online & find lots of cool ideas for making your own household stuff/food etc & avoiding chemicals & costs. It could be a practical element of homeschooling!

How about a games night? Board Games, etc. Or group games…

Perhaps more of a worship service on the Sunday morning as well.
Perhaps more about teaching from the heart

I liked the fact that the line dancing mixed us up a bit! So, an idea for next year could involve something that gets people talking to people who they don’t know. Don’t know what though, just liked that aspect of the dancing 🙂

It would be nice to have some workshops for mums that have been homeschooling for a while & are comfortable with what they’re doing – I don’t feel the need to change anything we do at home;-)

Creative Bible Study or Prayer Binders (for mums – although would work for older girls too!)

Craft options available during workshops (loved the wood burning!!)

Tertiary path options (STAR / GATEWAY / SIT / TELFORD) – let mums know what’s out there & how easy it is to do them when you know how!

It would be great to have someone speak on how to be in full-time ministry as a family and homeschooling at the same time. e.g. being a full-time missionary and homeschooling – how to incorporate the Great commission (i.e.. make disciples, heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons) as part of homeschooling. Teaching our kids to pray for the sick from a young age.

Cheap/affordable food ideas or recipes for busy families

I came home from the Work Ethic workshop inspired to praise my children for the things they do and they just blossomed. They wondered what you had done with their mother. So I think PRAISE would be a great theme. Praise God. Praise each other and praise our children. It’s like fuel. It completes the enjoyment of what we appreciate (C. S. Lewis)

Maybe when you do a seating plan….(TBH there isn’t much need for one unless someone comes without friends or someone they know)

Breakfast could be regional tables….lunch could be years of home schooling, dinner could be Oh I dunno… I felt a little timid, but that could just be me.

Probably not that first supper, nor the first breakfast (maybe?) but something other than just a quick hands up if you are from…

Maybe who lives rural and who lives urban? They each have challenges and blessings to bring to your family. I don’t think I have quite clarified my thinking but I wanted to give others a chance to think more on my kernel as a newbie.

Maybe a small session on a book review. Not a bible study, but there is room for that, but a book review. Or small groups who could gather during that topic of say..marriage refreshment….I read this and…? Whew that was a late idea and not one that I expected to write…