Some Feedback from 2016:

What did you enjoy at HEART this year?

I enjoyed…..
the place.
the pace.
the peace.
the journey.
the challenges.
the affirmation.
the comradery.
the programme.
the stories.
the women.

“Everything…as always! Pamper room Is so nice to escape to for an extrovert…still some people there!! Loved the idea of ‘craft when u like’ on the wood engraving…but ran out of time to do it! Maybe next year? Sat night was certainly different and fun.”
Oh, LOVED Kirsty’s thoughtful Top Tips.

Absolutely everything, the company, the workshops, my bed!!! On tap beverages, making new friends, the organisation was stupendous, no details was left uncovered. I came home full in my heart, and so excited to make new plans for the rest of this year. So can’t wait for next year….ps this was my first retreat, ever, and Im 54 lol!

* Being welcomed in such a lovely, warm way when I arrived.
* The swimming pool!!!
* Lots of free time.
* Long hot showers with no-one needing my attention.
* Catching up with people I haven’t seen in ages.
* The Precept Ministries study with Barbara.
* The bookstore. Bliss: I’m a total bibliophile.
* The fact that the teaching sessions were recorded so that I didn’t have to agonise about missing out on anything.
* Lengthy conversations in the dining hall.
* The incident on Saturday morning where the bell went to signal the start of the next session, but all the home-schooling mothers completely ignored it because they were having such a good time socialising… and home-schoolers don’t do things by the bell anyway! 🙂

The main thing I enjoy every year is having my homeschool priorities challenged by listening to such encouraging/challenging speakers. I find that it is so easy to drift off track and get burdened down by the academic side of homeschooling. It is great for me reminded of the more important things: What am I inputting spiritually into my children? Where is God in our homeschool? Am I enjoying and making the most of this time with my children or am I letting the world’s expectations colour what our homeschooling days look like?

I also love being surrounded with so many like minded people.